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Your time is valuable so we let you focus on what is most important in your life. Hire our housekeeping service to put your house in order. We can give it a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. All the while keeping our services fairly priced and efficient. 


We are the highest quality and most affordable House Cleaning Services in Edison, New Jersey. We want to sincerely take care of your cleaning needs. You won't find a more dedicated and experienced house cleaning services than Edison Home Cleaning!

Best in the Area

You will appreciate our professional staff as we take pride in our work and in being the area's best house cleaners. We understand that your home or office is important to you. Being New Jerseys best valued domestic cleaners we treat your property with respect. 



We also offer services to the construction industry. There is absolutely no job too big or too small for our company. We have our process down to a science. We also know how to follow orders. If we move something it gets put back exactly where we found it so you can stay organized and be at peace. We travel all around the Edison, NJ area. Regardless of where you are in the area, we want to serve you.

Some of the house cleaning services we provide are complete dishwashing, sweeping and mopping of the floors, vacuuming of the carpets. We also clean ovens, refrigerators, inside and outside of cabinets, and any other type of appliance you can think of. We will wipe down the washer dryer and the entire laundry room. If you have pets, don't worry, we remove difficult spots and hair and debris they leave in the house.




We Suit You

We offer every type of cleaning from light touch to a total scrub down of every area in the house. You can select the price you want with our custom quote system. We can clean daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We come in loaded with everything necessary to get the job done right.



Here at Edison Home Cleaning, we are able to accommodate any situation with our outstanding house cleaning services. We are equipped with high quality equipment and environmentally friendly products.



We have monthly specials to help our new customers become accommodated with our fantastic maid services. We want to show you what we're all about. We truly make your life easier.

Some Stories

maid cleaning kitchen

It is helpful for us to know what you desire and how often you need our house cleaning services. This way we can make sure we give you the very best pricing possible. We can custom tailor a plan to fit your budget and accomplish everything you expect in a thorough cleaning. All of our staff have been well trained so we may serve you with the top level of professionalism.

Some clients like us to come over and just do the bathrooms once every several weeks. Others have us deep clean their entire house from top to bottom every week and help with things such as making the beds and doing the weekly batch of laundry. Whatever extent of our service it is you desire, we are flexible and ready to put a smile on your face. There is no other company in the area that is more professional and experienced than us when it comes to home and office cleaning.

We are also known for being specialized in-house cleaning services and detailing the main living areas of the home. We make others jealous of your kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas. Including dens, libraries, entertainment rooms, media rooms, man caves and whatever you might need to be cleaned. We are experts when it comes to detailing ceiling fans, lamps, shelves, baseboards, all of your small items on the shelves. We dust books individually and wipe all your electronic appliances such as the television and sound system.

All of our house cleaning services staff has been trained and certified. We only higher people of the highest integrity. We understand having people you don't know in your home can often be nerve-racking. This is why all the people on our staff are extremely friendly and make an extra effort to make you feel comfortable and pleased. Every job is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If we ever fall short of your expectations give us a call and we will come back to your location and make it right.

Don't worry about supplying us with any equipment for the house cleaning services. We bring all our own supplies, solutions and everything we need. We come prepared and get all work completed in a timely manner.
Our hours of operation are Every day 8 am to 8 pm so we offer appointments even in the evening.

Quality and affordability is what you can count on when you call Edison Home Cleaning. Once you have experienced our house cleaning services, housekeeping will be something you need forever. Call us today for a free quote or fill out the form above!
Our clients talk good about us. Just the other day a lady said we were the best cleaning service she has had in 40 years. I asked her why we are the best and she said because we show up with a smile and actually like what we do. She said everyone that has come to her house always has a very good attitude and really likes being there. We were so happy to hear that as that is exactly what we strive for.
When it comes to house cleaning we want to clean your home just the way you like it. Our top-notch maid service will do the dusting, vacuum, mop and even move out cleaning.  Call Today: 732-784-4054



cute maid

A lady called the other day. She said her mother was a bit of a hoarder and had accumulated quite a bit of stuff that was all around the house making it difficult to move around. She asked if we offered this in our selection of house cleaning services. Well, we have had plenty being in the home cleaning business for so long. She asked for an estimate on how long it would take to get things boxed up and put into a storage container for safe keeping. She also wanted to know a price to do the job and then do a deep clean throughout the entire house. We went over right away to take a look and do the free estimate. We quoted her a very fair price considering all the work involved and the fact that we were also supplying all the tape and boxes for the job as well. As it turned out we got the job and began the same week. We started with a system that we normally use in this type of situation and went from one room to the next carefully packing everything into boxes and labeling them appropriately as we went along. We loaded all the boxes into a container. The owner had dropped off in the driveway. We packed it just like a professional mover would do. With the heavy boxes on the bottom to make a good base and the lighter boxes on top. We filled almost the whole container from top to bottom and from front to back. There was barely room to fit another box inside. The job got finished quickly and then we did a deep clean on the entire house. The daughter was so happy she even gave us a nice bonus when we got paid. We are thankful for all our customers as we know you guys are out there talking good about us every day.

At Edison Home Cleaning we take our house cleaning services seriously. Sure, we show up with a smile on our face and we might even whistle a little while we work but the whole time we are aware that we are in your house and we know what is important to you.

A customer called the other day and shared how pleased she was that we didn't let the cat out like the last cleaning people used to do. She said she thought the last company she used for cleaning possibly didn't like cats. We assured he we like cats just fine. In fact, all of our team loves animals. We are very careful to never let out a pet unless you give us permission. So now we have another happy customer that is well aware that we are conscious of our surroundings and will take the necessary precautions to keep your pets safe while we are there.

A guy called the other day and said his dog was chewing up everything and could we come over to clean his entire house. We didn't even ask what kind of dog because we like all types of dogs. We went over and he was right the dog had been making a big mess for more than just a day or two. It looked like a tornado had come through the house and stuff was everywhere. We started to clean and as we went it took a while before it started to look better. We know that we are the best house cleaners around and there is no job too big for our cleaning teams. We got through in just a few hours and we made a real friend too. Now that guy keeps his dog in a cage while he is gone to work until he can get the dog to training school so he won't chew up the house while he is away.

cleaned living room

One customer that we have been cleaning for called the other day and said she has a sister that is having a baby and wanted us to go over and do a deep clean for her. We were so happy that our client thinks so much of us as to refer her sister to us. We went and completed a deep clean and made a new friend in the process. We make new friends everywhere we go because we actually care about your house and well being. It's not just a job it is an honor to come into your home and tidy it up for you. We love what we do and really enjoy cleaning for you. We get such satisfaction knowing you are pleased with the way we work. We get a lot of referrals and that just speaks volumes about our reputation. Thank you, happy customers, for telling your friends and family about our awesome company. We want to be your housekeeper.